Thanksgiving Dogs, November 24, 2007

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Cousins play a game of cards.
What?  No Mahjong?
It's seems to be a low key, half hearted game.
Ok, I got the kids.  Where are the dogs?
It takes two of us to round them up and pose them.
I compose this photo with natural enemies in a temporary truce.
The warmth of the sun and the view out the front distracts the combatants long enough for this photo.
Take a look at our three cats and one dog resting peacefully together.
Soon enough the dog is all that's left and I snap a few more photos.
The new baby is a patient and willing model if he's in a calm mood.
Koko hangs around and hangs ten.
A very observant Peanut watches Taylor arrive.
He's so cute when he rests his chin.
It feels good when he is near, which isn't often.
He is in the habit of napping at your feet or by himself on the floor.

It was a relaxing holiday this year.

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