Baby Fest, March 10, 2007 on Vividlee

    Photos. Take a look, click on the small images to see the full size color images.

Hayden gets little soccer coaching from Lily and Katy.
Lisa gets a taste of baby.
Adin looks comfortable here.
Lily and Marcus with Hayden.
Taylor is very attentive with the kids and takes Hayden out for a swing on the hammock.
Taylor and Hayden enjoy the nice spring like weather outside.
Drop and give me twenty baby push ups.
Susan is another very attentive aunt.
Naomi is interested in everything from books to perfume to red wagons.
Wil and Naomi check out the Fergus book together.
Corina and Taylor play with the blocks and build castles.
We all admire the work while David looks on.
This is what happens if you don't admire the castle enough.
The bag of stuffed toys comes out and I naturally throw a few.  Hey, it's a family tradition to toss one (or a few dozen at someone's head) and laugh.
Corina and Naomi jump around.
The inflatable toy was a good idea and it got a pounding from the little feet.
Caroline and Corina having fun together.
Hayden and his crew, Gary Katy Sandra Philip and Yoshie.
Ken likes to have fun with Bobo and babies.
Hayden looks a little scared here.
Mom and son are reunited or is Katy just happy he's not all sweaty like the other basketball boys.
Nice group shot of everyone, thanks to everyone!
All the babies and moms together playing.
One of four baby quizzes that Lily brought, they were fun and interesting.
Guess the baby's weight and win a prize.  It's just a game for fun, but some were very serious and accurate.  We had two winners guess correctly, two just a single pound off and three a mere two pounds off.

The celebration of babies was fun and it was a good day for photos.  I look back and wish I had taken more photos because I missed many great opportunities.

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