Family Photos, Assorted, March 14, 2007 on Vividlee

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Jarrod's little birthday celebration at our house.
Nice cake, seventeen candles will fit on there no problem.

This is Hayden with the remote.
The smiles just keep on coming.
The camera captures many good photos.
Opening ones eyes is childs play.
I like this photo
Fussy?  Nah, just an energetic baby.
This looks like a work out for the upper body.
The fun goes on with grandpa having a turn.
This baby's going to be worn out with this tag team playtime.
The camera battery died right after this shot with everyone.

Stuart's birthday cake, Baskin Robbins chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Cake with candles, fifteen of them.
Come on kids and pose for a picture
Katy, get in there too
Now everybody
Many people are afraid of cutting the cake, how come?  Are they afraid they are going to hurt it?
The angle is right for this shot of Lily and Hayden, she's right it does look better from a higher camera angle.
The photogenic ones are trained from a young age to pose for photos.
They love the camera and the camera loves them.
The girls are just naturally attracted to cute boys.
The feeding commences.
I'm jealous, someone hold me on their lap and feed me.  Please?
Kay gets a turn playing with the baby.
He is just like a doll.
Looks like dancing
The Nintendo controller looks right at home in his hands.  Next time we'll hook it up and he can play Mario Brothers.
The boys pose Hayden in front of large stacks of computer and video games for some reason.  They also estimate the total number of hours spent playing video and computer games.

Christina Aguilara, Pussy Cat Dolls and Danity Kay at the HP Pavilion
The concert tickets and pass kept as souvenirs.
Lisa and Tony
Chanmary and Lisa
Virginia and Lily strike a pose.

Stump adventure.
After trimming and more trimming over the last few weeks, it's now time to tackle the hard part.
The start of stump removal day.  This 30 year old tree was getting to big and dropped berries and leaves that Kay did not like it.  I was going to rent a stump grinder for 150 a day.  But I got a 14 inch electric chain saw and ax for 43 and 21 dollars instead.
After some cutting and digging.
The saw dust piles up.
The vertical slices down into the stump will help me get smaller pieces off when cutting horizontally.
The blade needed sharpening near the end and I was exhausted from the sawing and chopping.  It was a long day.
The stump is history, time to plant some new grass seeds.

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