Winchester Mystery House,  January 15, 2006

We visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  This large Victorian era home is unique in it's design and history.  Here are some photos after we took the 65 minute mansion tour.  The house is well preserved.  We walk around the house on the self guided Garden Tour.  The gardens areas are very nicely maintained and I found them enjoyable.  I regret not taking photos of the interior.  The tour snakes through many rooms, stairs and hallways.  The construction is extensive, bizarre and very elegant for the period.  This background image is an aerial photo on display in the gift shop near the entrance/exit.  It shows the extent of the construction, the front of the house faces East or left in the photo.

This is the front view of the house and garden.

Taylor, Lisa and Stuart

Garden statuary detail

Garden fountain detail

Another view of the front of the house.

This is a photo of the upright column.  In traditional Victorian style one column is installed upside down.  In this house all the columns but one are installed upside down.  This is the one column installed properly.

Behind us is the front door which was never used.  The entire front section of the house was boarded up and inaccessible until after Sarah Winchester's death.

Fountain right in front of the front entrance.

Front facade detail

Right side facade

Right side detail

Scale model produced entirely in ginger bread and candy on display in the visitor's gift shop.

Front entrance detail.

Bird's eye view of the house and grounds