Great America in May 2005

We are here and it is a beautiful dayLisa, Taylor and Stuart together as we arrive for a day fo fun.

We all ride the carousel, just not all togetherWe all ride the carousel as it is just inside the entrance gate.  We always ride the second story to get a better view and to increase the thrill.  What little thrill that can be had on a carousel.  It's fun anyway!

View from the upper level of the carouselThe view from the carousel looking back at the entrance.

Taylor and StuartTaylor and Stuart pose with an employee in a cartoon character costume.

Taylor, Stuart and the starfish guyTaylor and Stuart with a Spongebob statue.

Lisa and Jimmy NuetronLisa with a Jimmy Nuetron character.

Lisa's favorite rideLisa's favorite ride.  I don't know how many times we rode this one.

Taylor and the Fairly Odd ParentsFairly Odd Parents and a fairly normal Taylor.

Lisa and Scooby DooLisa hams it up with a stray dog.  Oh, wait, that's Scooby Doo.  A friendly Scooby Dog.

Mom and daughter togetherWhy Hollywood?  Makes for a good picture spot I guess.

Taylor gets a hugTaylor finds another photo opportunity.  We have to stand in short lines for most of the characters.

Taylor and Jimmy NuetronTaylor finds Jimmy Nuetron.

Lisa having fun againLisa's other favorite ride.

Centrifuge again?Again?  This ride makes me queasy and if I have an empty stomach, wow it's all over I can get really sick and be ruined for hours.

Lisa waits to meet up with the kidsWhere are those kids?  We spend most of the day separated, kids off and parents wandering around.  Near the end of the day we try to meet up again.

Henna temporary tattooTaylor tries to get a henna tatoo.  Doesn't really work too well, not sure why.

Long day ends, but we did a lotEnd of a fun day.  Time to get a last snapshot and head off as the sun sets.