Mount Tinemaha California 2000
Looking east Owens Valley, CA.  This the the view from the along the Red Mountain Creek trail.  Looking east, you can see the green ribbon of Red Mountain Creek running through the desert.  This tree was the first big tree along the way.  A tent site was right beside me, and I had a break on a big flat rock while waiting.  The hike up to here was pretty ugly desert, sandy, steep, hot and dry.  You can hear the creek running, but it was down in a trench filled and overgrown with trees and plants.  Just getting to the 6,500 ft trailhead was an offroad adventure!
Red Lake?  Not! Is this Red Lake?  Turned out that this is not Red Lake, just a pond with trout. It had a small waterfall at its outlet.  Then the water disappeared into the boulders.  Are we there yet?  See Rick and Irene?
Hey that is Split! View of Split from 'red pond'.  This is a picture of the mountain we wanted to climb.  That dark rock is called mantle rock and is harder and less prevalent than the underlying, lighter colored granite.  It is a much older rock than the granite found throughout the Sierra Nevada.  The granite has lifted the mantle up.  The large, deep ravines extend up and over the other side of the mountain and so it was named.  This fourteener is an example of the sharp, rugged, high mountains of the Eastern side of the Sierras.
My first electronic composite image I always wanted to do this.  This picture is three photos electronically composited.  I wish I had done a better job with the camera.  Take a look and see Split Mountain and Red Lake, the real one, as seen from the top of  Mount Tinemaha.
Hero shot? Me on top of Tinemaha.  Me standing in front of Split Mountain, a fourteener at 14,058 ft elevation.  Looking West.  The proposed route up to the summit would be across the base past Red Lake up the saddle to the north (right in this picture).  Then up the ridge, just on the other side, to the summit.  The saddle looked very deeply buried in snow.
Last light of the day This is the view from the trailhead.  The end of the day.  What a hike.  Gotta come back and bag Split!