Easter 2000
Taylor, Kay, Sarah, Stuart Left to right Taylor, Kay, Sarah, Stuart.  Uh oh, grandma has a new favorite.
Taylor, Lisa, Sarah, Stuart
Lisa, Stuart, Sarah, Taylor.  Clockwise from 12:00
Hey kids, ask Mom which is her favorite now?
Taylor, Sarah, Stuart
Taylor, Sarah, Stuart.  Stuart!  Put those fingers down.
Check out the hand behind Taylor's head.
Stuart and me
Stuart and Dad.  Yeah, snap the picture already, I want to see what's in that pink box.
Taylor and me
Taylor and I. Good job on the face paint.
Nice eggs kid
This is a bowl of Easter eggs.  Those are some of the wonderful eggs that Sarah, Amelia and the kids made.
What a crowd?
All smiles.  Left to right, Taylor, Sarah, Amelia, Jarrod, Stuart, Charise
Hey Stu, what's up with those teeth?
And who let that cat in here?