California's Fourteeners

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    The fourteeners are mountains whose peaks rise above 14,000 feet above sea level.  In California there are fifteen mountains above fourteen thousand feet.  Mount Whitney is the highest in California at 14,497 feet.  Mount Whitney is not only the highest fourteener in California, it is also the highest point in the lower forty eight states.  I have hiked to the top of Whitney three times.  Climbed to the top of Muir on the way to my last trip up to Whitney and have also summited Mount Shasta.  My wish is to summit all of California's fourteeners.

    The fifteen fourteeners are:
Mount Langley, 14,015
Mount Whitney, 14,495
Mount Russell, 14,086
Mount Williamson, 14,015
Split Mountain, 14,058
Middle Palisade, 14,040
Mount Sill, 14,162
Polemonium Peak, 14,200
North Palisade, 14,242
Starlight Peak, 14,200
Thunderbolt Peak, 14,003
White Mountain, 14,246
Mount Shasta, 14,162 (also a Cascade volcano)

    The guide book I own is "Climbing California's Fourteeners, 183 Routes to The Fifteen Highest Peaks" by Stephen F. Porcella and Cameron M. Burns, published in 1998 by The Mountaineers.