Crater Lake, Oregon

   Crater Lake is an interesting place. It is the deepest lake in the United States at just over 1,949 feet deep. It is also the seventh deepest lake on Earth. It has no inlets and no outlets, it took 250 years to fill with rain and snow. The water here has a clarity over 100 feet. The surface has an elevation of approximately 6,178 feet above sea level. It is around 5 miles across and has a few islands. One is called Phantom Ship, it is little more than a a tree covered rocky spire that resembles a sailing ship. Another island is called Wizard Island. The lake and the cone on Wizard Island formed after the collapse of the estimated 12,000 foot tall ancient stratovolcano called Mount Mazama some 7000 years ago.
    Today the lake is central to a National Park and the lake is encircled by a 33 mile rim drive with some 22 lookouts.