On December 8, 2019 I ran my eigth California International Marathon. My training was totally unstructured and weeekly mileage was super low.  I knew it was going to be ugly and it was.  I set a goal of sub 3:40.  Started between the 3:40 and 3:35 pace group.  Race was all good just lurking behind the 3:35 pace group.  Miles clicked by.  Then I had to stop at a porta potty.  I was in there for a full minute.  Never saw the 3:35 sign again.  After a long while I kept hearing cheering behind me. Tim Twietmeyer was leading the 3:40 and people would cheer for him.  They were a large and loud group.  He would speak in a distinctive voice and share encouragement and narrate the course the whole time.  He is a good pace group leader.  I tried to stay ahead of them and was with them for a few miles.  Relaxed some more in my pace because it was getting uncomfortable.  With less than 5k to go, the 3:45 pace group silently passes me by as I jog it in.  My lack of training was really showing in a big way.  As I struggled the 3:50 pace group passes by.  I can barely look up and give them any thought.  I was glad to still be moving and at least I was not walking.  I focused on anyone walking and was just trying to pass walkers.  Hah, so lame, right?  This was my second slowest CIM marathon ever!
In the last turns near the finish I hear my name and look up to see Lisa!  I perk up raise my hands in celebration, happiness overcomes my discomfort.  I look ahead and see guys sprinting, I try to catch one and cannot.  I laugh at myself and my poor performance.  Glad that's over, but it was a great day!
2019 CIM