In December of 2017 I ran my sixth California International Marathon.  The next day we flew out to Honolulu for our first vacation, our belated honeymoon.  I ran in the Honolulu Marathon just days after CIM and then I hiked up to the top of Koko head for fun.  Then in April of 2018 I ran in the Boston Marathon, it was an epic downpour, but I qualified for Boston at Boston.  In May 2018 I ran my fourth Ohlone Wilderness 50k trail race.  December 2018 was my latest and seventh CIM.  This year in March I ran my latest marathon in Modesto, where I won my age group.  The next month, I ran in my second American River 50 mile trail race and rode my second centruy ride, Primavera in epic windy conditions.  Photos from these events make me happy with nostalgia, a little pride and feeds my ego.
I created a Strava account this year, joined a gym and started a blog on wordpress.  Links are here.  The Strava is interesting but less of a social thing for me.  The gym is a once a week routine for a couple of weeks now, literally getting my feet wet in the pool.  The blog on wordpress is the most interesting thing.  It is an outlet for my random thoughts.  2019 is a year of trying out a few new things, looking ahead.  This web site is an archive of looking back, twenty years so far.