Family Photos, December 25, 2007

    My Photos. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view, take a look.
Marcus, Jarrod, Charise and Lily.
Sue and Wyatt, Kay and Bobo, Lily and Roscoe.
Lisa, Susan and Lily share a laugh.
Little remote controlled helicopters provide some exciting fun.
Jarrod enjoys the amazing hovering toy, I think they are cool, I want one.
The Wii is also entertaining.
Susan and Naomi watch the helicopters in flight.
Helicopters that go astray can use help with relaunching, Ken provides a boost this time.
The Bobo is like a baby, very willing to be held.
Ok, I think I got it.  The flash can freeze the amazingly fast action of the spinning blades.
What's going on?
Here is a pair of dogs, Peanut and Bobo.
Here's another family pose, we are missing Mom and Dad.  Where are you Faye and Louis?
Stuart with his helicopter in flight!
Ladies and babies!
Wyatt is bundled and ready to go.  See you later little guy and Happy New Year.

It was a very nice Christmas gathering and a really quiet New Year, except for the brief midnight blasts of fireworks.

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