Disneyland Day Three, November 19, 2007

    My Photos. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view, take a look.

Just in front of the enchanted Castle we stop and pose for a photo.
Everyone poses in front of this, so here we go too.
If you walk through the Enchanted Castle and turn around this is what you see.
Walking by the river boat I notice the lack of passengers.
Looks like a rare photo opportunity and I snap one of my favorite photos of the trip, take a look and see what you think.
Another view of the water course and the river boat.
Another stop at the food spot, this time for lunch.
We liked this dessert we had to have it again.
A cool spot for photos, we jump in and I snap one too.
Here is shot of the train that loops around the park.
We ride the train to Toontown.  It is cooling off and the sun is going down.
It is a frenzy of parents posing there kids and getting them on rides.
We do a little shopping, a sweater would feel real nice about now.
Taylor shows us how much of a fan she is.
We make a the most of the attractions that are geared for the little ones.
We even climb the fake tree, it's fun and brings back memories.
It's fun just to look around, there is a feast for the eyes everywhere you look.
I get Lisa to take a few photos too.  Boy it's cold!
Another train in motion frozen with the camera flash.
This time it's the Thunder Mountain Train pulling into the station.
We get in lot's of rides even though some lines are long and the walking from one to another seems to be slow due to the crowds.
We  all have good time and are tired from all the walking and stimulation.
We have nice dinner in the park and leave well after dark.

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