Disneyland Day Two, November 18, 2007

    My Photos. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view, take a look.

Just inside the California Adventure we pose in front of a landmark.
Or should I say, Disney' version of a California landmark.
Everyone poses in front of this, so here we go too.
It is flat wall painted with a perspective view of a street scene, it looks cool.
First ride is in California Adventure, Hollywood Tower of Terror.
Scully from the movie themed attraction called Monster's Inc.
Scuily is everywhere.
View of the Paradise Pier Hotel.
It's another great day in Southern California, kind of hot in the full sun.
After the Drop Zone, Taylor and Stuart walk on steady legs.
I'm not sure this ride is called Drop Zone.
This is the name in Great America in Santa Clara.
Taylor relaxes on Mom.
Finding a place to eat in Downtown Disney is difficult without a reservation.
The lights are pretty but hard to capture.
I always forget to bring my tripod.
Here is the another fuzzy photo as Lisa checks out the dining availability in Goofy's Kitchen.
There is a slim to none chance tonight, planning is very important, we will d a better job next time.
We eventually find a great meal in Disneyland, the New Orleans area I think.
The dining area is right next to the train station, between Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

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