Disneyland Day One, November 18, 2007

    My Photos. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view, take a look.

Stuart, Taylor and Lisa pose for the first photo of the day.

A large decorated tree is a popular backdrop for photos.

Seconds later we spot Eeyore and swoop in for a photo.

The first line of the day, Space Mountain is long.

Once the line moves inside moods improve with props to look at and ambience to absorb.

I love this exhibit and ask the kids to pose.

Stuart is reluctant but cooperates, yeah.

Quickly we are on another ride, Thunder Mountain Train Ride.

I snap photos over my shoulder during the ride.

It seems like the g-forces cause leaning by the riders.

After the ride, we admire the fake rock formations.

Nearby are McDonalds french fries, you can smell them being sold just outside the photo.

Pirates of the Caribbean is next.

I like this ride, people don't like flash photography in the darken ride, but I can't help myself.

We have never ridden the tall ship, but we make a point to try it this time.

It is fun to look at the fake ship and fun to look at the passing scenery.

It's a little awkward posing for photos with lots of people around.

Stuart, being a teenager puts up with his dad and his photo obsession.

This is what the Haunted Mansion looks like on the outside.

The Nightmare Before Christmas takes over the attraction for the season.

The special decorations are extensive.

Jack is a popular character.

There is something new to look at every turn.

The character Oogie Boogie appears to run a game.

This is what the line to Raiders of the Lost Ark looks like, a cave.

Cameras are entertaining.

Lisa and I pose for a photo in line with masses of people around.

These photos are from the very bumpy and jerky ride, I am suprised the photos are clear.

Indiana Jones hangs from a rope overhead.

Anoteher anamatronic Indy at the end of the ride.

The night lights are very pretty but hard to photograph without a tripod.

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