P-nut Photos, September 24, 2007 on Vividlee

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P-nut approaches tentatively.

P-nut investigates nature.

P-nut is now a mature puppy.  His name was Scrappy Doo, Skippy, Steve, Chewy (Chewbaca), Leonidas, Orlando, Master Chief.

I pushed for Scrappy but no one liked it.  So when I suggested Peanut or P-nut, it was universally accepted.

The weather is cloudy and overcast today.  It rained pretty good yesterday.  The light is very nice for photos today.

P-nut loves to chase his ball and will carry it as he runs.

P-nut rests while I snap away.  The light indoors is not too bad either.

P-nut rests his head on my lap.

I snap away quickly.

This scene doesn't last long.   He is up and running about in a few short minutes.

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