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Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner wine at a nice restaurant.

Philip, Hayden and Aunt form New Orleans pose for a photo.

Sandra, Philip, Hayden and Aunt from New Orleans.

Hayden sleeps peacefully in a corner of the restaurant.

Sarah and Teddy read a book in bed.

Pre Tea Ceremony

Philip, Sandra. Kay and Philip's sister.

Lisa, Tony, Kay, Aunt from New Orleans, Philip and Amelia.

Lisa, Tony, Kay, Aunt from New Orleans, Philip and Amelia.

Lisa, Tony, Kay, Aunt from New Orleans, Kay, Amelia and Lou.

Kay, Aunt from New Orleans, and Sandra.

Amelia, Kay, Aunt from New Orleans, Sandra and Lisa.

Katy get in here too.

Amelia, Janet, Gary's Aunt, Kay, Aunt from New Orleans, Sandra, Katy, and Lisa.

Gary's family.  Philip, Gary, Katy, and Sandra.

Jeff and Hayden pose too.

Tea Ceremony

The order is eldest to youngest in the Tea Ceremony.

Gary and Yoshie present a cup of tea as a sign of respect to the elders and in return the elder bestows blessings, best wishes and a gift for the bride or the couple.

For the not so elder, a standing position is assumed for the presentation of the tea.

Very nice.

Everyone looks great.

Yoshie is a new addition to the family.

Pre wedding pause

Lisa never misses an opportunity to grab a baby.

This is what my family would have looked like if we had another baby.

Lisa poses in from of the view of the San Francisco Bay and the Airport just outside the hotel.

Stuart signals me that I am number one.


Gary arrives, accompanied by his parents.  The wedding ceremony is very nice.

Yoshie enters with her parents.

Vows are exchanged after some blessings and musical presentations.

The beautiful bride and groom at the moment.

Cocktail Hour

Hayden in his tux looks up at Kay.

Janet, Hayden and Gary's Aunt.

Anna, her mother, Yoshie, Gary, Wilson, and Leeanne wait as the group photo is arranged.

Philip, Sandra, Anna, Anna's Mother, Yoshie, Gary, Wilson, Leeanne, Katy, Jeff and Hayden.

Lisa holds Wyatt.  Wyatt is just five weeks here.

Sarah, Lisa and the newest baby, Wyatt.

Katy, Philip, Hayden, Sandra, Louis, Gary, Yoshie, Susan, Sue standing.  Faye, Wyatt and Naomi in front.

Adin, David and Monica.

Wow everyone looks so good.  Ok, let's try that one again Stuart.

There we go, that's much better.  Nice!  Thank you.

Reception Dinner

Jarrod, Wil, Adin and Stuart.

Uncle Wil shows Adin how to pull on Stuart's hair.

View of the wedding party seating arrangement.

Philip, Sandra, Kay and Philip's sister from New Orleans.

Philip, Sandra, Sandra's sister and Janet.

May, Lila, Tim in back.  Lindsey, James and Emily in front.  It is so nice to meet more family members for the first time.

Lots of photographs are taken this night.  Philip and Amelia get the same shot.


Father and Bride dance as the Groom looks on.

The wedding cake is elegant and tasty looking.

Jarrod and Stuart pose for me.

The kids have lots of fun too.

James and his mother leave the dancing to the young.

Susan and Sarah move to the music.

Lou and Amelia enjoy the music!

Gary with his parents on the dance floor.

The happy Newlyweds dance with each other and later with everyone.

Susan and Naomi dance with Corina and Sarah in the background.

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