More Puppy Photos, August 04, 2007 on Vividlee

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A dwarf sunflower bows down at the end of summer day, loaded with swelling seeds.

Taylor caught driving off with Mom's car.

Scrappy doesn't have a look that isn't photogenic.

Dogs caught doing what dogs do, or is that doo?

Birthday cake for Kay, Fruit Basket from Cottage Bakery, that was some good cake!

Bobo and Kay share a moment and pose for me.

Some of the small gathering for Kay's celebration.

Grandma and the newest puppy share a moment.

Many of my photos of the dog show him sleeping.  The best way to get a good photo of him is when he is still.  This photo shows Scrappy in his crate, he is a very active sleeper.  He can jump up and fall down into another sleeping position very often.  Sometimes he will bury his nose and face under a blanket to sleep.

Ouch!  He seems to only do this to me.

The photographer strikes again!

What is up with this?  Not the belt...

I have to force Roscoe down into this posed shot.

Roscoe is like the Energizer bunny, he can just keep going and going.

Exhausted after chasing Roscoe around, Scrappy just has to get his puppy nap time in.  He is still just a baby after all.

He just can't help being cute, it's just his nature.

Like floating on a cloud, he loves his pet bed.

So sweet, pet me he seems to say.

What is it with these animals and their teeth?

Not to ignore the other pets in the house, here is Yummy.

Cat treats can make our cats forget about maintaining their personal space.  They come close to each other if treats are involved.  I hold the container of them just out of camera range.

He likes it on his back and he likes his belly rubbed.

Just watch out that the sweet mood doesn't turn into a play fight mood like this photo shows.

Biting and tugging are a popular activity.  His mouth is his only way to interact, touch and explore his world.

Sleeping position number 2.  Here is Scrappy on a changing pad.

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