Garden Photos, July 08, 2007 on Vividlee

    Photos. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view, take a look.
Pumpkin vine detail.  My vegetable garden is no larger than 1 square yard of dirt.  The vines climb across a fence and concrete area under our clothes line.

Cucumber blooms are very large and yellow.  The vines are healthy, but not one cucumber has grown.  These are supposed to be round lemon cucumbers.

This is the first pumpkin to ripen.  It is small, around 10 inches, but this is expected since the seeds were harvested from a small store bought pumpkin.

Along side the pumpkin are zucchini squash.  It is a plant that needs constant checking because of the incredible speed that squash grow.  You can get giant squash seemingly overnight.

This is a pumpkin bloom photo, the flower is very large, almost 9 inches across.  It's very attractive to ants and bees.

I need a good photo of the tomato plants.  I have a tall cage with tomato plants towering over seven feet tall!  Sweet 100 cherries and Russian black tomatoes.

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