Spring Foothill Day Trip, March 24, 2007 on Vividlee

    Photos. Take a look, click on the small images to see the full size color images.

Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spring.

Museum building at Indian Grinding Rock State Park.
Very large rock with many acorn grinding holes.  Nearby are many very large Valley oak (Quercus lobata).
Detail of some more old grinding rocks.  The acorns are collected in the Fall and ground to a flour for food.
Grass is growing in these holes.
Ceremonial Round house is partially underground.
Bark houses look teepee shaped.  Notice the large oak tree.
Spring flowers.
Moss covered trunk of a very large Valley Oak tree.
Part of the shady and short nature trail.
Taylor's photography assignment is 35mm black and white landscapes.
Smooth bark of a common native evergreen plant, Manzanita.
Base of a very large Madrone tree.
View of a very large cedar.
The end of the trail brings us next to some campsites and back to the round house and large oaks.
It is a very nice day.
A sign about the park.

Daffodil Hill is near the town of Volcano.  Spring tree blossoms were covered in bees.
Daffodil Hill is opened to the public for free every spring.  After the initial shock at the crowds of people I try to get a few photographs.
I thought it was going to be overcast, instead it is full sun.  This is not the best for photography and there is a light breeze.
There are supposed to be over 300,000 daffodils here.
There are some other flowers here, but mostly daffodils (Narcissus).
We find shade and pose for a quick photo, many other people do the same.  It's hard to find a shot without other people in it.
Daffodil Hill is a private 4 acre farm on a much larger ranch.
Some more shaded blooms.
Pea fowl wander and get lots of attention.
It really is beautiful here.
Older folks and small children seem to especially enjoy the area.
Here is one of my favorite photos of the day.
The sheer variety and number of blooms is impressive.

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