Tour of Califonia, Stage 3, February 21, 2007 on Vividlee

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Stage Three is today and the start is in downtown Stockton at 11:30.  The riders are expected some time around 12:30 in Livermore.  Perfect for a lunchtime outing.

The crowd gathers early, we were here at 11:30 am to see the riders in the Tour of California bike race.  It's lunch time so it's easy to get out here just 3 miles from work.  Many vehicles precede the riders, mostly CHP cars and motorcycles.

This is the intersection of Patterson Pass and Crossroads.  There is a little hill here.  Most auto traffic was blocked from getting to the Patterson Pass summit towards the right of this photo.  Some 1000 people were reported to be at that summit.

Here is a photo of the lead breakaway pack.

Just after the lead pack passes, I point the camera up to the top of the little hill.  The little hill does not slow them very much.  Check out all the people.  I estimate that there were 100 people here.

The main pack is huge.

Here they come.

And there they go.

Then the team cars and other support vehicles pass.  It is a rolling production for todays 94 mile stage from Stockton to San Jose.

Some stragglers.

The last few team cars.

My first bike race, it was pretty cool.  Those riders were fast today.

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