Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers, October 08, 2006

    Photos from our day at the game.  Take a look, click on the small black and white images to see the full size color images.

Nice tickets and a parking pass.  Wilson has two tickets and offers them up, I ask Stuart and he has no interest.  Lisa says yes.

We leave early,  2.5 hours early.  I think it's plenty of time.  Traffic is bad at the Bay bridge toll plaza and then in the City all the way to within a mile of the park.  We sneak into the parking at eh very last minute before they close the gate.

The sun is shining, it's warm and crowded.  The view from our seats is excellent.  The crowd is nervous, we did not see any fights but we hear that they did happen.

The Niners dominate the second half and win.

The Niner fans are happy and the Raider fans are quiet.

The second half is never in question and the crowds start to thin out early.

Lisa and I stay till the end and enjoy as much of the ambience as possible before getting back into the car for the long ride home.

It was so hot I had to take off my long sleeve shirt.  It was black anyway and did not want to be mistaken for a Raider fan.