Strange Rose and New Fish, August 16, 2006

    An unusual rose and some new fish.

Rose bloom lifetime is usually measured in days.  The extreme hot weather has caused some roses here to last an unusually long time.  The color has changed from a pink color to a faded, pale and tinged with green.

These roses lasted over a month.

Then more recent blooms appear the normal color, right along side the old faded blooms.

New betta puts on a display of gill flaring.  Proud father?  He should be, he built a bubble nest, guarded it and hatched many fry.  He chased the female away from the nest without mercy.

A photo of many tiny newborns.

A chewed up female.  Her tail fin shows the effects of the overly aggressive, protective male.  She laid many eggs within days of puchase and introduction to the male.

The newborn are very tiny and mostly transparent.  They are easily seen when looking for them but almost impossible to photograph.  They are about three days old here.