Flower Photos #8, July 16, 2006

    More photos from the garden.  Hopefully these are new and different.  Take a look.

This newly fledged bird was in our front yard and as I approached it's watchful parents in the trees took off.  This juvenile bird took off across the street and landed on the roof across the street.

I strolled across the street and took a couple of photos from 20 feet away.

I tried to wave the bird off, but he just looked around.  After this I could hear these birds squawking in the early morning hours.  They roosted and nested in a tree two streets over.

Dragon fly.

Interesting hanging plant with interesting blooms.

Tournament of Roses bloom.

Just Joey rose bloom detail.

Another angle on the Just Joey bloom.

It's July and the heat is on.  Temperatures are well over 100 degrees F.  The weekend was very hot, 112 degrees F Saturday and what felt like the same Sunday.  It was 84 degrees F at 8 am and 94 at 9 am.  The skies were partly sunny and the week is forecast to be over 100 degrees F for the week.  Wow.