Flower Photos #6, June 21, 2006

    More photos from the garden.

This fugitive from the garden jumped onto Taylor's arm in the garden without her knowing.  A moment later with a scream, she brushed it off reflexively onto the living room floor.

We spent a few minutes looking for it, found it and snapped a few photos.  As small as this seems we had seen an even smaller version a few days before.  Small ant sized.  This mantis repeatedly demonstrated it's jumping prowess, even jumping onto the camera once.

After being evicted, I pose the subject in a more natural setting.

The subject is cleaning his rear foot with it's mouth in this photo.  The rose is called Josephs Technicolor Dreamcoat.

This is the classic pose for the Praying Mantis.

These were planted a couple of years ago and they flowered for the first time.

The Apganthus, Lily of The Nile, is blooming now.  Hummingbirds seem to like these.

Very fragrant Gardenia bloom.  I want to get some more of these for the backyard where the evening breeze would waft the sweet scents into our open windows.