Naomi's Birthday Party, May 28, 2006

    Naomi turns one year old and we are invited to one of her parties to celebrate, yeah.

Left to right, James, Martina and Susan.  Monica and David sat right next to me and I did not get a photo of them, my bad.

Jarrod, Marcus and Lily.

Jarrod, Taylor and Stuart

Naomi at the center of a storm of excitement, heh heh.

Kay, James and Martina watch the kid versus cake action from a safe distance.

Faye is like a coach preparing her fighter for battle.  "You know what to do, remember your training, the cake is afraid of you.  Focus."
"Blow out the candle first, then use both hands to attack!"

The crowd senses blood (orange frosting) and rises to their feet.  Cameras are turned on...and aimed for the action.

Fists squeeze, frosting is mashed, cameras snap and flash excitedly.

Uncle Alan captures the moment of submission and Naomi's reaction to her victory over the frosted cake.

An anxious grandma can stand it no longer and hurriedly cleans up the victorious combatant.  Naomi looks on with a calm that contrasts with the concentrated fury shown just moments before.  You can see her defeated opponent.  It's only hope was to be frozen or have Nemo and the Sesame Street gang provide a diversion.  Sadly the diversion resulted in only the briefest delay and the frosting was soft and vulnerable.

Grandma is happy, Naomi is clean and proper photos can now be taken.  Only problem here is the photographer, me.

Sandra and Philip enjoy a moment with the victor.

Stuart, Lisa, Tony and Taylor with Naomi held by Dad.  Dad is also known as Louis the Trainer and Conditioning Coach.

Lucky for us the other two cakes were spared the same treatment and we got to enjoy some delicious cake the conventional way.
My piece of cake put up a fight and tried to jump off my plate.  I forked it quickly and firmly through the middle, it jumped no more.
I then tasted sweet victory myself in all it's guava frosting goodness!  Yum yum.