Backyard Flowers, April 29, 2006

    A few roses are just starting to bloom.  It is an exciting time because the first round of rose blooms are the best.  The roses are not yet peaking, but I can't wait and get some practice shots in.  We have 17 roses in all.  Included in that total are 4 mini roses, one in a pot.  Two are climbers on trellis with a third still needed.  We hope for a fragrant variety but must get out to look at them at the nursery before anything can happen.  I will try to get a complete gallery of all of our roses later, come back later.

These are from seeds planted last year, Forget Me Nots I believe.

One of two buds in the backyard, this image is slightly sharpened. All others have been cropped and resized only.

Two visitors to the front yard, looks like a couple in love.  Lisa says they are scouting out nest locations.  She's always making up stories and scenarios, like an instant analysis.  I like to be the skeptic and be question the validity of these theories!  I think she would be perfect for CNN or TV news, heh heh.

The flash lights up the water droplets quite dramatically here.

The next few shots are experiments with the Macro setting and some different camera settings and angles.

The tripod and the calm conditions in the early morning allow me to take many high quality photographs.

This photo probably captures this rose's color the best of all.

Under exposure is demostrated here in this in your face photograph.