Cats and Fish, April 17, 2006

    Pets and kids get lots of camera time, so here are a few more pet photographs.

Cats look like aliens, and this photo proves that at least the green eye glow looks pretty alien.

Yummy sits on the safety of the bed.

Action photo.  The Mojer tries to play with The Koker by laying on his back and pawing the air in front of her.  This will usually last only a few seconds, until one of the cats gets scared and runs away.  Sometimes a short and spirited chase will ensue.

Yummy cleans a paw with an agile tongue in typical cat behavior.

Bettas a few minutes after their introduction to each other.  Taylor has had the red Betta for over a year.  He lived alone very well.

Male Bettas, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish must be kept separate from other males.  They will fight each other to exhaustion.  The color and length of his fins is very impressive here.  Unfortunately the introduction of the female and new plastic plants, a recent cleaning of his tank and new food were too much stress for it.  He died a few days later and the female looked very lethargic but seems to have pulled through.  The female survives.  We will look for a replacement but it will be difficult to find such a nicely colored specimen.

Female Betta photo,  the female lacks almost all color and has a very basic fin shape and size.