Cat in a Box, March 19, 2006

A gift box of wonderful treats arrives from out of town.  The humans enjoy the contents and the cats love to get inside boxes.  It is a compulsion they are unable to resist.  This box is filled with paper strip packing material that is even more of an attraction.  It makes a sounds and probably hides a thousand mice and or bugs that need to be attacked.

Koko is covered in the packing material and paws at it.

Cats need play time as much as they need food and water.  The stimulation is a substitute for their natural-wild hunting and stalking instincts.  A quiet home is secure and safe but not very stimulating for them.  Smells and scents are also very important to them, it is one of the main methods they use to identify you.

Fangs!  The lid comes down and fangs come out.

Two can barely fit into this box.