Family Snapshots,  December 25, 2005

More good times, Marcus and Lily presented a wonderful feast and welcomed the crowd into their beautiful home.  Here is a Christmas day selection of photos for us to remember the day or for you family and friends far away to enjoy a slice of the fun.  Apologies for not getting a group shot or Marcus, Anna, Wilson or Leanne.  The evening can be such a whirlwind sometimes.  Here are some of the better photos resized to my standard 800x600 pixel format and presented with short comments.  Click on the 200 pixel gray scale image below to see a larger full color image

Lisa has two bundles of energy dropped in her lap for this photo.  She/the endures this for a second after I get this shot.

Faye with a entirely cute Naomi.  Nothing better than the resting baby to relax you, it's been so long since my own were snuggable like this.  I long for the past.

Naomi and grandma.

The other center of attention, Lily's amazing dessert center.  The centerpiece was this popular chocolate fountain, yummy.

Charise and Roscoe looking festive.

As Lisa would say, what a good looking boy.

And another good looking boy, I'll say one happy gamer.

Lily and Roscoe.

These guys enjoy a quick round of Mahjongg.  Later True Colors, Scattagories, Dirty Minds and spoons will be played before the night is over.

Louis and Naomi.  She is just so cute.

Kay with Santa, no wait that's Roscoe in his disguise.  Kay likes the small ones that easily handled.

The games are contested with lots of smiles.

Huge tree and small baby.

Buster, Roscoe and Bobo, three stooges?  Children and animals are difficult subjects to photograph.  I try many times with the help of Kay and Leanne to get these subjects into a descent position.  Thank goodness they aren't camera shy like some people and this is a digital camera.  I snap away.  Here is the best photo, take a look.