Various Photos, December, 2005

Taylor's winter formal is on December 3 and Stuart and I go snowboarding on December 10.

Bobo fits nicely under the tree

Kay and Bobo pose in front of the newly decorated tree

Jarrod, Lily, Taylor and Michael

Jarrod and Taylor pose in their formal ware

Kay is dwarfed by her enormous grand kids

Lisa recalls the old days when these guys were just babies

Now the babies are quickly growing up, just look at that height difference!

Stuart can't resist goofing off a little with Taylor, these guys have grown up with the camera in there faces.

Beautiful Orchid corsage detail

The giant limo provides a backdrop for a couple photo

Before they take off I climb inside for a quick snapshot.  Inside the limo the cavernous interior can be seen behind these guys.

Boreal is a quick two hour drive from home.  We left home very early and got there before 8am. Stuart and I spend a couple of hours at Boreal snow boarding.

Go Stuart.  We got 20 dollar packages of rental, lesson and beginner lift tickets.  I did not want to wait for a 10am lesson so I hit the beginner slope right away and got Stuart to follow me.

Photo taken while on the lift.  I am holding the camera, Stuart is saluting it.  We got many runs into a short amount of time.

It was a nice quick, day trip to the snow.  Snow conditions were ok, the weather was great today.  We just wish we were a better boarders.