Fun at Santa Cruz, August 2005

A few photos of the fun, beach and boardwalk.

The Boardwalk offers cool treats like these.

Lisa on the wharf at sunset.  What a nice memory.

Sea Lions rest under the wharf.

Lisa takes my photo.

The cool fog, the setting sunlight and the gently lapping waves make for a tranquil scene.

65 cent hot dogs, soda and cotton candy are offered on Monday and Tuesday nights after 5 pm.  What a nice suprise.

The ride that got to us.  Our stomachs that is.

The evil ride that gives the pair of riders a brake to stop or release the cage rotation.  One wild ride if the brake is in the hands of a manic like Taylor or Stuart.

On the beach before the sun and the crowds come out.

Self portrait.

Nice crab Stuart.

Natural Bridges State Park.

Sea gull perched on a fence.

Lisa pokes fun at the hole.