Family and Friends Reunion, July 2005

    Kay will be 70 this year.  And an informal gathering is agreed upon.  A guest list of family and close friends are notified, the boat house at Oak Grove is reserved,  let the fun and festivities begin.  Thank you all for coming and for all your hard work to make this happen, Lily and Amelia.
    It was very hot, but the inside of the boat house was very nicely air conditioned.  Inside some MJ and jenga games were played as well as a raffle.  Outside there were relay races and toys for the kids.  The food and cold drinks were in abundance and later the various kids discovered the water.  A kind of girls versus boys water war developed.  Squirt guns and water balloons provided some fun as well a relief from the heat.
    Kay was very emotional at all the attention given to her when she was made to sit in front of everyone and have all of us sing Happy Birthday to her.  She seemed to relax as the gifts were opened, examined and admired.  I know she appreciated all of them and the thoughts that came with them.
    It was a long day and a bit of work.  But the memories I have are worth it.  It was a fun and happy day.  Browse the photos below and see for yourself.