Day at the Beach, June 2005

Pose for Dad pleaseStuart, Lisa and Taylor at a mostly deserted beach.  The sun was out and the water was cold.

Stuart starts a holeStuart starts right in on digging a hole.  He soon loses interest and I have to take over.  It is a tradition that we dig a hole at the beach.

King of the hillThis time we make a big pile.  A really big pile that has a medium sized pyramid inside.  Stuart plays king of the mountain as we build up our mountain around him.

Pacific waters are coldSome more people show up throughout the day as Taylor and Stuart run around and enjoy the space.

Taylor warms up with sandTaylor plays in the warm sand, it must feel good after the cold water.

Room to runStuart chases Taylor through the waves.

Resting as some low clouds move inFatigue sets in as the sun is gradually being shaded by a late afternoon layer of clouds.

Time to leave our sand mountainWe see some smaller piles down the beach and I get a last photo of our much larger mountain.  Some small kids eye our pile as we pack up to leave.  A day at the beach is always a fun time.