Family Snapshots,  January  2005

Hiking in Del Valle
Fuzzy calfBovine repose

Winter treeWinter scene of lush green surrounding bare trees

Winter in California is nice and greenSelf portrait

Stuart climbs a dead treeStuart climbs a downed tree for a place to sit.

Playing on the beachBeach art or is this rock graffiti?

Taylor's starA perfect circle and star that represents either boredom, extra energy or unsupressable creativity.

Tree in winterAnother picturesque tree along the trail we hiked on.

Kay and Mr Bobo, aka Snowball

Wilson, Buster and Leeann

Buster poses on a lapBuster is so cute.

Buster all tuckered outI can hardly see his face.

Birthday Celebration
A nide fruit tartSweet treat.

Eating outLisa, Stuart, Taylor, Tony, Kay, Gary, Sandra and Philip

Gary and YoshiGary and Yoshi

Sandra makes a wishStrawerry shortcake is favorite summertime treat, but it's not summer?