Zion Canyon National Park 2004

It's spring break, the kids have a week off from school and I am ready to take some vacation.  Awhile back I suggested to Lisa that we make a trip over to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks since we have never been there and I have a National Parks Pass.  She was very agreeable to the idea and we knew the kids were capable of some serious driving because of last year's spring break trip to the southwest. After reading some travel books and viewing some photos on the Internet I was ready to see it for myself.   We left on a Saturday morning and drove mostly non stop to Saint George, Utah.  We left California and drove through Nevada and Arizona to get there.  We arrived early enough to check into a motel, get a dinner and a swim in the pool before hitting the sack.  The next day we drive the short distance to Zion Canyon National Park, get on the shuttle and ride it to the last stop.  The last shuttle stop is also the beginning of the River Walk.
The NarrowsThe River walk is about one mile and follows the Virgin River upstream and ends at the Narrows.  The water is cold but it does not stop me from walking barefoot a few hundred feet to look around and snap a photo without the crowds of people.The water was only ankle to knee deep but the cold and the rocks were tough on my tender feet.
Looking back at the Narrows entranceTemperatures were nice in the sun, kind of cool in the breeze or shade.
Pause at the NarrowsAfter completing the river walk we are hungry and stop at the Grotto shuttle stop where we eat our lunches at one of the numerous picnic tables.  Packs are much lighter now.  The plan is to hike to the Emerald Pool from here and hike back down to the Lodge shuttle stop.  I keep thinking of hiking Angel's Landing and say so aloud to everyone.  Stuart says to my suprise that he is willing to do it.  It's settled!
Lisa and Taylor will hike to the Emerald Pool and then back down to the Lodge and wait for us.
Beginning of the Angel's Landing trail
Me and Stuart on Angel's LandingThe hike to the top is moderate in difficulty.
View from Angel's LandingBut the exposure is tremendous, with numerous parts of the trail looking down many sheer cliffs.  I have to urge Stuart onward as the trail winds around but mostly up a spine a sandstone with sheer faces on both sides.
Looking down Zion CanyonWhen we get to the top the view is spectacular with a view up the canyon and a view down to the mouth of the canyon.  I snap many photos on the way up and on the way down as well as a few for other people at the top.
Life at the topChipmunks and these flowers are some life found at the top.
Some shear sandstone cliffsThe sandstone is a very nice red color.
Angel's Landing from the valley floorLooking back up to where we were earlier that day.
We find Lisa and Taylor waiting for us around 5:20 pm.  They had a nice hike to the Emerald pool and a nice look around the Lodge area while waiting for us.  All facilities have closed promptly at 5:00.  Good thing the shuttle still runs, we ride it back to the car and take a nice drive to Bryce Canyon.  A very nice way to spend Easter, with some very nice views.