Assorted Flower Photos, August 2004
Front yard in the eveningThe evening the light has a gentle quality and I do a photographic survey.

Geranium in backyard in the eveningMy mother planted a geranium in my backyard two years ago.  This healthy plant has very nice foliage and a tremendous profusion of blooms.  The color is quite pleasing.  Thank you mother.

Sunflower over the fence in the eveningOur neighbor has many of these big sunflowers.  We can see most of them because this is a tall plant.  And very beautiful.  Thank you neighbor.

Mom's flower in her backyardIn my mother's yard there are very often beautiful blooms. She reminds me to snap a few shots.  I print them out for her to display in her home.  She enjoys displaying them and I take enjoyment from the fact that they are worthy of display, not this particular one, but some others.

Mom's flower at duskI take many shots of this large plant.  There are many blooms and I try flash, no flash, close ups, low angles, high angles, no angle...this is the only decent shot.  The dark, shiny foliage is almost visible.



Rose riotThis is a collection of roses cut from our backyard.  Some of these are first year and some are second year roses.  Most planted from bare root.  From top center and going clockwise: Taboo (dark red), JFK (white),  Arizona, Buttercream (yellow), Peace, unidentified purple (planted by the previous homeowner), Tournament of Roses.  Hidden behind Taboo is a rose from a prodigious climber in our front yard.  Another rose planted by the previous owner with many blooms and a nice habit of color changing blooms, from pink to yellow.

Tournament of RosesExperimenting with exposure compensation of -1 results in a more pleasing image.  The highlights are more detailed.  That is the bright areas of the photo are not overexposed.  I cropped this image and did not do any other post processing.  Hope you like it.