Fish 2004

Oscar and friendThe fish, one tiger oscar and one big cat.  For size comparison, that white pipe in the back of the tank is around 1" in diameter.

New small Red Cap OrandaA photo of a small Red Cap Oranda, by small I mean 40 mm long or so.  A new addition to a newly set up 55 gallon in our family room.  This tank sat empty when one of my large Tiger Oscar died.  Then I decided to set up the tank inside the house.  It was going to be a tropical community tank. To establish the tank we placed over 50 very small feeder goldfish in. It was the tank of death for awhile, probably not enough food.  Three feeder goldfish survived and became Lisa and the kid's pets.  I could not get rid of them, so I had to make this a goldfish tank, fine with me.  But I will be patient and picky when selecting fish for this tank.  I purchased fish only after viewing two other stores with sick and substandard stock.  I selected only two because of the faults in the fin structures, like folds or uneven size.  I recalled the standards from the books that I have read in the past.

A new small Calico RyukinHere is a small Calico Ryukin.  Lisa is very good at feeding and we are sure that these new additions will become 'pig' fish.  That is large and plump.  This is fine with me because my care in the past has not been very successful with these types of fish.  These are also a very challenging type of photo to get because of the very active nature of the subjects.  These two photos are the 'best' of at least forty photo attempts.  Do not try this with film.

Black Moor The newest addition to our tank.  One small Black Moor.
Black Moor The same Black Moor with large eyes.  The Black Moor's deep color is difficult to photgraph.  It's constant motion also try's my patience.