Arizona and New Mexico 2003
After the driving to and spending the night in Flagstaff, Arizona we find ourselves at Four Corners.  The borders of four states come together at one point.  Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all meet here.  Take a look at us standing on the monument.
Taylor is so tall I can't stand behind her in photos anymore.  Some advice to you, do not visit four corners.   The local Indians charge you to get in, it is not worth it.
This is what you need to do here, stand in four states at the same time.
Boomer is the lab, Missy is the one sitting up.
Missy, David and Gayle.
Animals are harder than children to photograph.
The whole gang.
Sandia Crest overlooking Albuquerque, NM.
The sun was shining but the wind was cold and blowing.
Getting to Carlsbad was a long drive.  The weather was nice though.
Carlsbad Cavern National Park.  This is the natural cave entrance.  You walk down, tour the cave and take an elevator up and out.
This is the only photo that was 'decent'.  Most of my photos in the cave were underexposed.  Stuart pretends and poses for the camera in the rest room below ground.  They have a gift shop and lunch room with a cafeteria below ground.  The formations were very large and beautiful even though they are no longer pristine and white.
Upon exiting the cave in the afternoon, the weather has dramatically turned windy.  The very strong winds have whipped up whiteout conditions in the desert.  Sand and grit stings the eyes.   We jump into the safety of the car and drive off.
The Grand Canyon is really nice.  The weather is great.
A lunch time visitor.  We ate lunch right on the rim with a great canyon view right in front of us.  Squirrels also conveniently appear to clean up the accidental crumbs.
I snapped this last photo after lunch.  We pack up and leave.  On the drive rain starts pouring, winds pick up and by the time we get to the town of Williams snow is falling heavily.  We drive all the way home after that.