Mount Hoffman in October, 2003, Yosemite National Park

It is October and the summer hiking season is well over and the coolness of Fall can be felt.  The crowds are definitely gone for the season.  But it's a special day, and my idea is to day trip up to May Lake and summit Mount Hoffman.  It is a really long drive up to the trailhead.
Team Mount Hoffman! Once there we stretch our legs, feel the chill and snap a 'before' photo.
Mount Hoffman from May Lake At May Lake we are feeling the effects of the altitude and the short hike has us taking a long break.  I even snooze after lunch.  Anyway, here is Lisa in front of Mount Hoffman.
Nice view of Half Dome and Clouds Rest After getting back on the trail we hike up and get some great views.  You can see Stuart and Half Dome in this shot.
Mount Hoffman A little farther along and the summit is in sight.
Wilson and Stuart We split into a summit team, Team 1, Wilson, Stuart and I.  The rest are going to take a break under some trees.We hike up the steep slope toward the summit and quickly get out of breath.
Casualty Stuart stumbles and gets a cut on his elbow.  Blood flows as shown in this photo.
Patched up I don't want anyone to be hurting so I decide to call off the summit attempt.  We hike the short distance back down to Team 2, patch up the casualty and call it a day.  Sorry Stuart...  We have an uneventful hike down and drive to a Mexican birthday dinner in Groveland.  Thanks to all for the memories.  This day was so far my best birthday yet!