Laurel Lake in Yosemite National Park April 2003
Saturday morning of Memorial weekend.  A beautiful April day to start an overnight backpack to Laurel Lake.

We pose for some snapshots before crossing the dam at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

Time for a break.

Wow, lots of snow up here.

Lots of swollen creeks and some cold water crossing and we reach Laurel Lake right around 5 pm.

We quickly set up camp and get dinner going and a small fire.

Happy campers.

Laurel Lake just after dawn.  It is totally tree lined and glass smooth this early.

Fresh morning faces all suncreened up.

The trail is nice as it passes some big trees.

This is Beehive.  A signpost in the middle of this very wet meadow points the way.

Stuart on the trail.

Stuart on break.

Nice view from here.  The pace going down was steady and fast.  I had to stop the crew for a photo.

Or two.  The camera was always handy.

More of that nice view.

Stuart poses in front of the sign that has destinations and mileage.

An abundance of nice wildflowers is a real pleasant sight.

The reservoir and dam is another pleasant sight after the miles of hiking.

The boys hike with puposeful strides.

Wapama Falls is roaring into the resevoir in the background of this shot.

Done, here we pose in the tunnel just before crossing back over the dam and back to civilization.