Christmas at Home 2004

Some assorted pictures from nearly 100 photos that I took in December.  Most on Christmas day at my house and my mother's home.
Santa and kidsSanta visits after Taylor's dance recital and politely poses for a photo while handing out treats to a whole line of dancers.
My familyTony, Stuart, Lisa and Taylor.
Kay and grandkidsJarrod, Stuart, Kay, Sarah, Taylor and Charise.
KidsJarrod, Taylor, Stuart and Sarah.
Kay and kidsAmelia, Tony, Kay, Ken and Lily.
Family photoAmelia, Sarah and Lou.
Gary, Sandra, Kay, PhilipGary, Sandra, Kay and Philip
GirlsTaylor, Sarah and Charise.
Fun for girlsTaylor, Sarah and Charise.
.Laughing BhuddaSarah and Bhudda have a laugh