Yosemite in September, 2002

Lisa, Taylor and Stuart with Half Dome in the distance.Half Dome is sighted.

Taylor, Me and Stuart pose with Half Dome in the distance.It was a long drive up here.
Another view of Half Dome, Yosmite National Park, CAThe day was nice but you can see some typical haziness.

Wading in the cool water of the Merced River with Clouds Rest in the distance.Ah, the water was nice and refreshing.

Crystal clear water at Sentinal Beach, YNP-CAThe fall is great time to visit the valley.  The cold rushing waters and crowds have gone.

Small, purple tongue, rattlesnake on the trail to Vernal Falls.A real suprise along the trail before the Vernal Falls bridge.  This rattlesnake was curled up and still except for a restless blue forked tongue.  Check it out.

Vernal Falls in the fall.Vernal Falls is reduced to a stream in the fall.

Rainbow in the mist of Vernal FallsIt still provides a nice mist rainbow.  You can get a sense of scale in this photo if you can spot the two swimmers on the rocks.  Don't try too hard though, the photo quality is not good enough.

Taylor and Stuart at the top of Vernal FallsStuart and Taylor pose at the top of Vernal Falls, this hike was not a problem for them.

Stuart sliding into the Emerald PoolStuart slides down the smooth granite slope into Emerald Pool.

On the way down, stopping for a picture on the Vernal Falls bridge.The gang stops on the Vernal Falls bridge as Vernal Falls keeps going behind them.

Setting sunlight on Half DomeHalf Dome looms in the late afternoon sun.

Detail of the face of Half DomeHalf Dome detail.