Running 2001
Dave's 4 Mile This is in my first real running race.  The name of the race is called Dave's Four Mile.  And it starts and ends in Grupe Park in Stockton.  Lisa snapped this photo about a quarter mile from the finish.  This guy behind me was behind me for the last mile, right on my tail, drafting I guess.  It was annoying me, especially when he passed me right after this picture was taken.  But I finished well ahead of him!  One female runner finished before me in this race.  My calves were sore after this race.
Aspararun, 5K start
This is me at the start of the Asparagus Festival run called the Aspararun, a 5 kilometer in Stockton.  The start and finish is in the new, downtown Weber Point Event Center. I had a good race here, I passed many people on the way to the finish.  One statistic:  I was second to the top female finisher again, this time by 8 seconds.  The same female in Dave's 4 Mile.
half marathon finish
April 2 and I can be seen finishing the Hernia Hill Half Marathon in Avery, CA.  This was a tough, first half marathon for me.  Aptly named, this course is a hilly 13.1 miles.  It starts and finishes next to the Avery Hotel.   It is out and back.  The turn around is near the bottom of a river canyon and the paved section in the canyon is steep. It was a hot 2 hours that day. 
US Flag
The rest of the year I ran pretty well. I even reached a personal record/best in the mile.  In October I started a marathon training program.  My goal was to run the California International Marathon, CIM, December 2, 2001 in Sacramento, CA.  I was running 5-6 days per week, 30-50 miles a week just prior to September 11.  Running almost stopped completely after that.  I did not run the CIM.  I am kind of glad because this year the  CIM was run in in heavy rain.  Now in 2002 I am just getting back.  Stay tuned.