Climbing Pinnacles National Monument California 2001

Stuart waits for his turnStuart enjoys some shade.

Climber onStuart enjoys some rocks.

Stuart in repose upon the reservoirStuart enjoys some rest.

Rick and Irene relaxIrene and Rick enjoy some lunch and each other.

SmileMe and Stuart.

Rock climbersStuart doing some rock climbing.

Nice viewThis photo turned out quite nice.

Rick Irene and StuartRick Irene and Stuart pause for a photo.

Rick me and StuartIrene snaps one too.

IreneIrene trys to find a route.

Looking DownWe have a nice view from the top.

View from the topWe even overlook the reservoir.

Smiling RickRick is about to descend over the edge.

Bright sun in our facesHi there!

hiking out under the rocksCool cave.