Hiking the Ohlone Wilderness and Mount Rose in California November 2001

Rick and Irene get ready.  Earlier we left a my car at Lake Del Valle.  We are backpacking across the Ohlone Wilderness from west to east.

This is very typical of the terrain.  This is a view back toward the west, Mission Peak is visible.

L:ooking east you can see the weather was fair.

Hiking along some roads we come across a hoof and a small snake.

The rrail was well marked and easy to follow.  Here Rick and Irene pose in front of one of the few signs.  The right and up is Mount Rose and to the left is the campsites.

We hike most of the day, set up camp and walk up the short distance to the top of Mount Rose.

The sunset is very nice and lasts awhile.  We read and sign the log book.  The log book is entertaining.

I end up sleeping on top by myself.  I see many stars, falling stars from a meteor shower, city lights and many commercial aircraft throughout the night.  Quite a spectacular experience.  Here is the view towards Mount Diablo.

This was my bed, I did not bring a tent or a stove on this trip.

Later as we hike toward Del Valle I see Livermore and snap this shot.  We get done in time for a very late lunch or early dinner in town.