Climbing Page 2001
Yosemite Valley Stuart, Rick and I climbed in Yosemite Valley.  This was a first for Stuart and I.  We had a great day.  The mosquitos were thick in the morning.
Looking for Snake Dike route
Top of Half Dome
This was a real nice climb.  Greg and Rick took turns leading.  I just followed and snapped pictures.  These guys were great.  It was a great day.  From left to right the pictures are of the start of the climb, me on a friction section where you depend only on your shoes to hold you and Greg, Rick and I at the top of Half Dome.  Check out all the hikers in the background.  Follow this link for a page of more snake dike pictures.
Greg and Rick
Rick with the ground below
view from top of Catherdral Peak
I climbed up to the top of Cathedral Peak.  Again with Rick and Greg trading lead.  The day was clear but as the day went on the smoke from forest fires got thicker and thicker.  From left to right the pictures are:  Cathedral Peak, Rick summiting and the view from the top. From the top you can see Eichorn Pinnacle and Cathedral Lake behind.
Pinnacles National Monument reservoir
Rick, Irene and Stuart
Stuart and I, Rick and Irene climbed two days in the Pinnacles National Monument.  From left to right the pictures are of: Stuart climbing, the reservoir and the climbers.  Some nice hiking and lots of climbing here.