Legoland California May 2000
entrance The day started cloudy.  The park is very near the coast in the city of Carlsbad, CA.  Carlsbad is famous for the flower fields.  Legoland is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.
nice shot Taylor! In sunny California you need cool sunglasses.  The pixelated effect comes from the lego block surfaces and is not a problem with your computer monitor or my scanner.
in a line for the phone These Lego characters were standing in line for a phone.  Taylor doesn't like to wait. She is standing behind a firefighter applying lipstick.  Behind Taylor is an short alien and a deep see diver.
in a Lego car Hey there's the Lego Lady again.  Taylor is driving a car.  Stuart is the passenger.  Check out the Lego dog under her arm.  The other Lego character was a policeman.
Driving again This car is a non working prop just for fun and photos.  Taylor did go to driving school and drove a motorized Lego car that looks identical to this one.  Stuart inexplicably did not want to drive on.
Fun with water Legoland has a section of the park with interactive water displays.  You can get wet here.  Then dry off in front of a huge dryer.
Egyptian theme Ancient Egyptians understood the powers of the Lego blocks.  Here is a small Lego sarcophagus.  This walk through attraction challenged you to find holographic images of keys among the displays.  It was fun.  Stuart looks a bit apprehensive here in this picture.
Huge Lego Dinosaurs These are some truly huge Lego constructions.  Dinosaurs helping with the construction of the park.
Park behind us  Look in this picture and see two grazing elephant behind us.  They were very large as well.