Glacier Point Yosemite National Park 2000
Rick posing View, looking South, along the way.  This the the view from the groomed trail that follows Glacier Point Road from Badger Pass Ski area to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park.  We had attempted this day ski trip last year and I could not make it.  I vowed to do it again, so here are some pictures from the successful trip.
Which way to the chair lift? That is me in the same spot.  Many people stop here.  The view is good compared to the preceding miles.  You can really see far.  The conditions are overcast and kind of threatening.  But what a workout.  Too many clothes.
What did you say?  Don't look down? Looking down from Glacier Point.  We made it!  One view is straight down to Yosemite Valley 4,000 ft below us.  We stood atop a large cornice to snap this dramatic shot.  The sun burst out and was baking us.  Can you see the roads and buildings in this shot.
Where's Rick? View from Glacier Point.  Looking roughly West at Overhanging Rock in winter.  Yahoo!  Can you find Rick in this shot?  How about Yosemite Falls?
That's me again View from Glacier Point.  Looking East from Glacier Point you get a great view of Half Dome.  Check out all that snow on top.  The sun was intense, and did not last.  If you look closely at my right sleeve/cuff you will notice that it's wet.  Why?  I fell on the section of trail at the end here where it is considered expert terrain, black diamond.  I was cocky and blasted my way down.  At the fasted speed I stumbled and had to break my fall.  My hand sunk in to the elbow, wow, that was cold.  Ha ha.  I was not hurt but laughed out loud at myself.  We had lunch while looking out at Half Dome.  On the way back it got overcast again.  We got very lucky with the weather.  These day trips can be very demanding but rewarding.