Butano State Park, California, 2000
Join us for dinner? Hello!  Anyone hungry?  Food always tastes better outdoors.  The campground here is walk-in.  Our car is only 20 yards away.  Very nice to camp right among these large redwoods. Very quiet, very shaded and very relaxing.  I don't remember mosquitos, but I do remember spraying ourselves with repellant. 
Marshmallow Time After dinner we would retire around a warm fire and roast some marshmallows.  The night also belonged to the raccoons.  If any food was left unattended for a minute they appeared out of the darkness and attacked your food with raccoon stealth and speed!  We used the food locker and our car to store food.  A tidy camp is a must here.
A Real Jay-peg image! This is a Stellar's Jay.  See the dark head and crest?
Banana Slug On a walk through the woods one morning we encountered many of these.  Banana slugs.  This is one of the bigger ones.  They are common in coastal forests.  The bright yellow color seems out of place in this world of green and brown.
Snake Near the end of our hike that started in the morning and ended after noon, we encountered this creature.  It stayed motionless and very still and allowed us to approach very near to snap this picture.  It's flicking tongue and a very gentle breathing told us it was very much alive.  After the picture I grabbed it and held it for a few seconds.  It was very fast and did not like the handling at all!
Fungus and Clover In this picutre you can see a fungus the size of a large dinner platter.  It was another suprising splash of color in the forest.  The clover is abundant and very large as well.  Taylor even found a five leafed clover!
Five Leaf Clover See the five leaf clover that Taylor found. Next to it is a normal three leaf sample.
Beach Fun Taylor and Stuart in the cold Pacific Ocean.  Is that a shark behind them?  Or is it a surfer?
Beach Run That's me running.  It was a great day.  I was gone for over an hour while I ran as far as I could down to the end of the beach that was 'just over there'.